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Sorry Whatsapp Status Quotes

I Know I Have Not Behaved Right. I Know I Have Hurt You. I Am Feeling Very Guilty And I Will Try To Make It Up To You. Please Forgive Me. Sorry!

Flirty Whatsapp Status

Hey Girls, I Haven’t Taste My Lips Can You Do It For Me? ;;)

Never Hurt People Whatsapp Messages

Thankfully there are some people who will never hurt you

New Year Whatsapp Wishes Messages

New year, new start and the chance to make our dreams come true.

New Year Whatsapp Messages For Friends

Start the new year with positive thoughts, blessings and a new year of life!

Happy New Year Whatsapp Message

This year is my year to stop doing what everyone else wants and to do what I want!!

Reading Text Messages Online

People All Around The World Are Out Doing Interesting And Productive Things Right Now.. You Are Reading My STATUS Thank You

Propose To Your Girlfriend Whatsapp Messages

Propose Is Not The Only Thing That Girls Need They Need Real Love Nt Just Crush

Flirt Text Whatsapp Messages To Send To A Guy

Dont U Want Somebody To Love, Dont U Need To Somebody To Love, You Better Find Somebody To Love…!!

Good Morning Whatsapp Status Messages

I would like mornings better If my mornings started with you Good morning